Zaterdag 24 jun 2017 om 15:00

Sakhar Khallela Manus (साखर खाल्लेला माणूस)
Netherlands Marathi Mandal

A story of a middle-aged man, who is recently detected with diabetes (a common but alarming aspect in India) caused by high job stress, and his drinking and smoking habits. It's great fun to experience all the comedy happening through - how his life changes suddenly, how the people around him start behaving curiously and most important to watch all his reactions to these sudden changes. On this comic backdrop, the drama reveals the finer lines of a delicate relation between a father and his daughter in today's context.

Netherlands Marathi Mandal (NMM) is proud to bring this soulful comedy to you right here in The Netherlands. Witness the best actors of Marathi film industry and enjoy this fun-filled evening with us! We are a non-profit cultural organization that strives to bring quality dramas, theatrical programs, dance programs, musicals as well as Marathi movie screening to all the Netherlands-based Marathi- and non-Marathi speaking Indians as well as the Dutch community.


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